Add free internet streams a la Pluto TV

To really make Channels an even more interesting proposition, how about having the option to add free streaming channels to the channel guide like those that Pluto TV offers, E.g. newsy.

That would really make it a complete package.

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Yes! I just got Channels for my ATV4K yesterday and really like it. About the only thing I miss with Channels vs. using the built-in tuner in my LG TV is that LG has a feature called Channel Plus, which optionally places a ton of streaming channels in the channel line-up directly after the OTA channels. So it’s easy to channel surf from my local ABC, NBC, etc. channels over to live streaming channels from CBSN, Newsy, Great Big Story, Funny or Die, The Onion, People TV, The New Yorker, CNet, Bon Appetit, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports and lots more. LG has a deal in place with XUMO to provide those streaming channels – over 100 of them – and there’s actually a lot of quality content there. For cord-cutters without traditional cable TV, it’s a nice bonus to have and it’s free.

It would be really great if Channels was able to strike a deal with XUMO or Pluto TV to incorporate their live streaming channels right into the regular Channels app/UI. Even if we couldn’t pause and rewind those live streaming channels, that would be OK. It looks like your competitor Plex is already moving in this direction, as they’ve now incorporated news streams into the Plex UI.


AirTV is now doing something like this with Sling TV

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Maybe have CometTV and have the ability to record.


Has there been any word on whether or not the devs are thinking of Pluto integration? The HDHomerun Premium integration seemed to be pretty painless, but I imagine it's much much much easier than adding channels from Pluto. As of now, this is the only area where Live Channels (Android TV) out performs Channels.

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Pluto TV channels aren’t free. They’ve negotiated deals with all of those streams. These deals even specify which clients can playback which channels. Some channels are available on iOS and not on tvOS.

HDHomeRun Premium TV channels are provided directly by the HDHomeRun itself. They appear the same as your regular OTA channels.

Agreed, Pluto and others would be a real upgrade....

The question is still relevant.. would be nice to see

For those who add a TVE source, there are a number of free internet streams. All the programming on channels 6700 and above fit this category.


And if my memory is correct I believe even if you don’t have a service to use with TVE, you can sign up for a free trial of sling tv, add it to TVE, and the free channels will continue to work even after the trial expires. Likely would work with other services as well.

Also works with Philo

this is 100% correct