Add jump forward/back a day buttons above guide

It's very painful to navigate the guide day to day given that all you can do is FF/REW to move the time window. Please add jump forward/back buttons to quickly move from day to day in guide. I'm guessing this has been requested before since it's a fairly obvious request (to me, a traditional grid guide user, at least).

I use day-by-day to find new shows to record on PBS, mainly. There's quite a few one-off shows and documentaries that I find this way.

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I second that request, and have also requested as have others.

Try selecting the channel name in the guide. You’ll get an overview of all the shows, movies, events, and specials, that air on that channel.

That's my work around as running the guide back and forth does work quickly, sorta, but not all that predictably.

While that does work in some respects, it's a bunch of pictures that you have to wade through in multiple screens and not near as clean and easy to go through as a text guide, when all you have to do is a few button presses.

You've got room to put jump forward/back buttons right above the first channel logo in the guide, please do it. It would make the functionality of the guide so much better for the people that like the guide.

This would really help with usability of the guide. Without it I'm hesitated on switching to Channels at the moment

Unfortunately I don't think the devs care about the guide because nothing has been done after lots of stuff has been mentioned. The Android guide in particular is basically broken if you scroll at All. Simple requests like this are ignored, no responses.

Don't understand why they bothered even putting in a guide that has so many issues.

It's a real shame as it feels so close to being just what I need