Add "On Later" section like in web UI

It would be nice to have an "On Later" section like that in the web UI. It is nice to browse future programs grouped in categories (especially Sports and Kids).

This is currently on the Search page of the 4.0 beta for tvOS/iOS. After 4.0 is released, its features will be ported over to the Android/FireOS version.

In other words, it's already happening.

I'd be surprised to see any significant changes to the web ui.

It's not about changes to the web UI, but rather bringing a web UI feature to the clients.

Ah my bad. Misunderstood the original comment.

On Later is separate from the suggestions that show on the Search tab in the web admin and the Search section in the new 4.0 beta.

We're not happy with the results of On Later right now, until we can find time to work on making it more useful to everyone, we won't be including it in the clients.

We REALLY want to though, it just hasn't been a priority. Feel free to give any feedback on this thread about what you see in the web ui though or what you love, hate, or would like to see!

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I’ve been happy with the search options in the beta. I mainly use it to look for movies that will be airing soon and set it to record them. I haven’t really tested the other two sections with the tv show options but the upcoming movies have been nice to browse.