Add quick guide to remote shortcuts?

Would it be possible to add the quick guide to the options for the remote shortcuts (colored buttons) in the settings? I have the 2nd gen Siri remote with channel surfing turned on. In that case, the secondary IR remote can’t access the quick guide with the directional buttons but one of the colored buttons could potentially work.

Agreed, this would be very nice to see :+1:t3:
Make it a feature request and I'd vote for it.

You mean the thing from the top? Just tap/swipe down. I don’t get it.

I’m talking about accessing it through a secondary IR remote when the 2nd gen Siri remote is on the other side of the room. When you have channel surfing turned on with that Siri remote, your secondary remote up/down buttons also channel surf instead of accessing the quick guide.

We’ll look into it, but hooo boy is that an edge case lol.

This would be great to access directly from an HTTP request too please!

I'm talking about accessing it through a primary IR remote. My parents have motor skill issues and can't seem to get the hang of either Siri remote. They vastly prefer the Harmony 650 we set up, and it works great with Channels DVR and AppleTV. But with that remote as their primary, they have no way of accessing the Quick Guide. Instead they surf around the main Guide all the time...

Why can’t they tap down to reveal it? Will it not work on the remote?

No, those buttons end up channel surfing too. Don’t get me wrong, they love channel surfing. They just never get to enjoy the convenience of Quick Guide on top of it.

I thought assigning that command to a color key was a great idea. My parents access the “Closed Caption toggle” that way ALL. THE. TIME. and really appreciate it. PIP toggle too, just not as frequently. But ultimately it was customizable remote shortcuts like that, that really sold them on the whole Channels DVR platform in the first place.

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