Add Videoredo project file export to Experimental features

I just noticed that MCEBuddy Metedata export was added, i dont know how recent but i think it was fairly recent.

@tmm1 can you please add one for a Videoredo project?

and before anyone comes and says to search for the command, it shouldn't be a command. if Mcebuddy request was honored, please add VRD as well.


I voted.

And since EDL Export is also in Experimental settings...

The VideoReDo Project file (.VPrj) optionally created by comskip is just another small text file like the EDL (.edl), only it's an XML file.

Would be nice to have it placed next to the recording, like the MCEBuddy Metadata (.json) and EDL Export (.edl) are.

Currently you have to find the recorded FileID and go to the directory Logs/comskip/FileID# to get to it for each recording.