Adding a remote Tablo or HDHomerun tuner as a Source

We no longer can access OTA networks after we moved. A friend in another town is willing to take my Tablo 4 tuner unit and connect to his antenna and give me access. I am assuming we would set up a VPN with specific access to the port the Tablo is on. Would like it to function as if it were on our home network.

Or I suppose I could send him a CDVR setup on an RPI4 and connect the Tablo / HDHR that way then access remotely but not sure how to create a 2nd instance of the Channels app in out Firesticks.

Has anyone tried this? Need a little direction.


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Interesting, thanks Rice. Just googled Tailscales sounds like thats perfect. So would this also allow me to get full access to the CDVR UI for settings and configuration changes? I am assuming so.

Sure does. Also it is already part of channels you just have to turn it on and register the first time

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