Adding a simple weather icon/forecast to quick guide

Certainly not advocating making the interface too busy, but being able to flick down the quick guide to get some sort of weather icon + forecast for the day, or even icon based 3-day forecast could be interesting?

... but please make the interface more busy?

Of course it would be an optional setting, though. The clock made the UI “busier” too, but that’s good information to see presented up there.

I think it’s a good feature suggestion. I had this on my Kodi dashboard many years back, it felt like smart interface for couch viewing.

Have an upvote.

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But a clock simply reads the state of the device. A weather "widget" would require access to location data, and given the state of things, I'm not willing to authorize yet another application to have access to my personal data.

... until it's not.

I am. Many are.

We’re talking about zip code, merely to determine local weather. We’re not talking about constant, precise GPS tracking. I trust the Channels developers have no interest in this location information and wouldn’t do anything untoward with it.

Your objection to this feature suggestion is based on a fear that if the Channels developers were to incorporate it, they would force it upon you, with no way to disable it? That seems like a stretch.

Now, I’m not saying this is a slam dunk of a feature request. In fact, I doubt it’ll ever be added. But framing it as an inevitable privacy breach that would haunt everyone, just isn’t fair.

New ideas often sound uncomfortable at first. That doesn’t mean they’re bad ideas.

I'm glad you live in a place where privacy concerns don't exist. However, there are large populations where these "ideas" can lead to something else entirely.

I'm sorry, but my TV DVR should only know about my footie matches to record them.

If you want a full multimedia experience to suck your life, go seek out Comcast and their ilk.

(You may want to speak out loud your: "New ideas often sound uncomfortable at first." After you've said that aloud a few times, you may want to re-phrase your arguments.)

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Weather isn’t something we’ll be adding to the app. I honestly think I have more things/screens in my life that show the weather than even the time.


Not sorry but, it already knows more than that, in order to function as it does. The more important questions should be, what does it do with that information, and is it reported elsewhere?

Wouldn’t those people then just not enable location/weather features in any apps they use?

No, I just thought it would be interesting and useful information in a convenient and not distracting spot. Might even inspire someone to stop watching TV and go outside to enjoy the sunny day, that’s all. lol

I’ve spoken it out loud many times and will continue to do so. After all, it’s called “brainstorming,” not “brain drizzling.” This is how the healthy exchange of ideas works. Whether you’re personally disinterested, bothered by them, or not.

That being said, I obviously respect the response above, from one of the actual Channels developers. It makes sense and is a perfectly reasonable decision. And has nothing to do with potential breaches of privacy.

There are other features that require general location data. I'm thinking about OTA guide data and Experimental local TVE streams. I guess my point is that location data is already needed for certain features. What difference would one more optional feature make?

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Oh hoho! It's funny because it's a wordplay using weather related terms! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :umbrella:

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While you’re at it add horoscope and traffic conditions and movie suggestions and some personalized adds…. O wait…if you have Google TV or Amazon device, the home UI already has all that spam.

The logical fallacy that is the "slippery slope argument" must go both ways, though...

Why is it when someone posts a feature request all the nay Sayers come out to make fun of the request ... if you do not like the request do not VOTE!!!


don't be fooled, they play both sides to get attention. if you don't like it, just get rid of it, or your wrong. its different depending on the type of "bipolar-ness" they have that day. they are full of problem solving...

Sharing my own decision regarding a flaky Apple product in no way, shape or form was ever meant to discredit any feature suggestion here, nor was my intent to discourage the Channels developers from trying to figure out workarounds for people who are experiencing bugs with it, and chose otherwise. It's nothing personal. Sheesh :roll_eyes:

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Back to the suggestion… I’m a bit of a weather geek. Online weather forecast sites have a wide range of accuracy. Check out Enter your ZIP code, then scroll down on the next screen to see the accuracy of different weather forecast sites. You might be surprised.

What would be cool is if channels could serve up an http(s) source and display it as a channel. That way you could display a 5 day forecast or weather radar etc. Hmm wonder if there is a docker container that does this?

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I actually have been trying to find something to do that for a while concerning a WeatherScan project. Basically take a dynamic webpage and turn it in an .m3u8 stream for compatibility with Channels already included Custom Channels. I wouldn't expect Channels to write up anything, but would love it if some talented person created a Docker to do the trick. Of course this wouldn't just be limited to weather. Any web page with live content that could fit on one screen.

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Wow that would be very cool. A web page as a “dashboard” type channel. My mind is spinning with the possibilities that would open up. Good thinking!