Weatherscan: Custom Local Weather Channel

Some of you may remember the local Weatherscan channels (or may still have access to one of the rare servers still operating). I recently came across a project that has recreated the feed as an html webpage, customizable for your location.

My goal is to run a local instance of the Weatherscan Simulator and capture the page so that it can be added to Channels as a custom stream. Does anyone know how to go about this in a simple/elegant way? (OBS should work but I was hoping there would be a lightweight way of achieving webpage>m3u.)

For anyone interested there is a demo of the Simulator here...
(Click ESCAPE to change the location setting)

And here is a quick video of it in action...


Can't help you with the project, but I definitely support your efforts and hope you will keep us informed on your progress. Looks like it has a bunch of protential.

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I think VLC can do this. Not sure about how lightweight that would be, though.

It looks like we may have hit on a solution (or a good start at least) you may find interesting in a different thread. It looks promising.

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