Adding content to Virtual Channels - Very Slow

I’m having a hard time adding content to my virtual channels. It is extremely slow it may take 30 seconds for me to even type one word. I’ve used Google chrome and safari and doesn’t seem to help, I have a lot of channels but I feel like I’ve only been having this issue the last three or four months. Any help or tips would be appreciated

I'm guessing you have a lot of content in your library. This part of the web admin doesn't scale so well and could be looked at. Thanks for reporting it, I've felt the effects as well.

The issue is that it loads literally everything in at first to let you pick things, which is great with a moderate library and makes things easy. But with larger libraries, it just crushes the browser.

So yeah, some work could be done here. But just know you're not doing anything wrong nor is there anything you could be doing to make it better.

Ahh okay. Thanks for letting me know. It’s been basically unusable. I do have a lot of content. I even tried deleting some channels. So good to know I can stop doing that. I’ll hold on till you guys add some support for larger libraries. Thanks!

What if you type it somewhere else and copy/paste?

Which box are you trying that's slow to type into?

Any time I click on add content or extra content. I get a spinning wheel and it locks up. Sometimes it doesn't even load. I can't add any of my shows or movies. If I try and copy and paste it just lock up. Might take 5 min to add one movie or show.

Which browser

I use safari but when I checked chrome it was slow as well.

As of the latest pre-release, the performance of the content picker has been optimized. Please update to the pre-release and give it a go and let me know if it's better.

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Just did some on the road on my phone and it’s lightning fast! Thanks so much. I’ll be able to check it out on Friday when I’m at my home computer.

Virtual channels is seriously my favorite hobby so thank you!

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Hey there! Just got to my computer. So in general the Add content picker is a big boost (especially doing manual searches. However when using smart rules it still gets choked up quite a bit. Any help would be appreciated. Thank y'all

Just wondering if you got my message above

Yes, I did.