Adding favorites to the guide

Hi, love the app, but I am having trouble setting the favorites for the guide. When I set up the DVR, I clicked the heart next to the stations I wanted in the guide. Now, I want to add more stations, but the unchecked stations won’t let me add them to the favorites. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by “won’t let me”? What happens?

What browser are you using? Try Chrome.

By uninstalling it and reinstalling it, it seems to have fixed the channels and the recording of them. Thanks.

What did you reinstall?

This is something I've run into as well. When you select the option to view live OTA channels there is nothing. You're prompted to flag channels as favorites. Once you click the little heart to flag them and close the dialog those channels will appear in the guide.

In the guide you can filter by category (all, HD, sd, etc...).

The issue is when you view by all, channels you didn't flag as favorite will appear.

The question is how to flag those formerly unflagged channels as favorites now?

You can click into the channel, but the DVR will only offer options to record.

There doesn't appear to be a clear path to maintaining your favorite category either from the guide or in the settings.

Settings > Tuner > Sources—or the equivalent depending upon your client—will give a list of your sources. Select the source, and then you will have the option to mark a channel as a favorite, or to disable it.

If you are using and Android or FireTV device as your client, favorite/disabled status is kept in sync with the tuner and the DVR. Because of this, you can also manage a channel's status on your tuner's webpage, or through the DVR web UI. (The order of favorites is still a client-only setting, and not synced between clients. Also, tvOS/iOS/iPadOS devices do not sync the favorite/disabled status in any way; those settings remain client-specific and must be managed through the Settings on the device.)

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