Adding movie source

image image Hi all. Running channels vers 2020.02.29.1935. Decided to try to add a movie source. I mapped the external seagate drive to my home pc. . The seagate is used as storage on my shield which also run the dvr server. I built a MOVIES folder on the mapped drive and dropped 2 .mkv movies onto it. When i go to add the movies source through my web browser in the dvr settings i can see the folders on my extrrnal drive i see the serial number for my drive but no sub folders on it .here are a couple of pictures. Any guidance would be apprecaited thanksUploading: AFF04F6C-400A-4B23-8ECA-6EB33C3EAECA.jpeg... Uploading: 1394B4D4-4797-43A4-BB9B-5A2B6A031FFA.jpeg...

Not sure of your exact setup but you might need to give proper permission to the movie folder you created.

Dont think it sthe issue can browse to the files using xplore and play them using vlc on the shield. Checked permisions from my web browser on my pc on the network and everything looks fine. Just cant add the source via the movie content add button.

What shows when you click on the drive serial number?

Nothing. Although it works fine for recording my dvr shows.