Adding Zip Code on Channel Lineup page doesn't work?


Where I'm located I receive channels from multiple markets. HDHomeRun's software matches virtual channel/tv station name, so their app recognizes all the channels and pulls the guide data correctly. Unfortunately Channels misses several stations. When I go to the "Edit" button under my Quatro on Channels it pops up the Channel list and shows which channels are missing a match. I clicked the "+" symbol at the top where it has DVR-MYZIPCODE and add a second zip code. The wheel turns and now I see two "DVR-XXXXX" listings, but the channels from the second zip code still aren't available for me to pick from. When I close out that window the second zip code goes away again. Repeating the process over and over again still doesn't make the second zip code "stick".

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug that can (hopefully) be corrected?


The additional zipcode is not saved, but clicking the pencil next to any channel should make the channels from the second zipcode visible.

An easier solution is to click the circle under your HDHR instead of the pencil. That will automatically load in any missing guide mappings based on SiliconDust's data in their official app.


Thanks. They never showed up under the drop down with the pencil but clicking the circle did eventually make it recognize the missing channels.