Additional locast subchannels

Hi all. Locast recently added more sub channels (I.e. antenna tv, laff, ion, etc.) To it's Philadelphia lineup. I deleted then readd locast in my sources but these channels don't show up. They are visible and tunable in the locast app and on the website. Is it possible to add these in locast for tv everywhere? Thanks in advance.

Try the new pre-release in 30 minutes

Works great, thanks.


I'm relatively new to DVR Channels and have it installed on a Synology Flashstation. I have it configured to use my Locast account as a source. Locast has added two additional sub-channels in the Seattle area, 11.4 and 11.5. Like the original poster, I've confirmed that in the Locast mobile app I can see the two additional sub-channels, but am unable to get the DVR Channels server to re-load the channel line-up. It will re-download channel guide data, but for whatever the reason the additional sub-channels are not being displayed in DVR Channels Web UI or in the DVR Channel Android app.

Is there some canonical set of steps to follow when a data source (like Locast) has additional sub-channels available in order to have them properly exported from the DVR Channels server so that both the WebUI and the Android TV/Mobile app will display these additional channels?

I'm currently running version 2021.01.12.2326 of the DVR Channels server.

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I have tried what the above poster tried in terms of re-adding their source and also updating to the latest pre-release.



Fixed in latest prerelease

Thank you very much! Just installed latest pre-release and refetched guide data and can see the additional sub-channels!

Excellent support!