Advance Pass - Possible to exclude a range or multiple seasons?

Is it possible to exclude more than a single season from an advance pass? I've tried several different iterations of the EXCLUDES value including a comma separated list of Season Numbers, a Range (xx - xx), and even multiple individual entries for each season to no avail. Only the first or most recently value is stored by the Advance Pass.

I have you tried > and < ???

While the Advanced editor does allow for simultaneous < and > SeasonNumber entries, this does not seem to result in any pending recordings.


As you can see from the snapshot below, there are several episodes that fit the Criteria but none of them show a Queued status.

The conditions are AND together, and season number cannot be both >23 and <17 at the same time.

You would have to make two passes if you want to record 1-16 and 24+

That's because there are no Seasons > 23 that are also < 17.
If you want 18-22, try > 17 and < 23.

Interesting. I thought it wasn't possible to have two passes for the same show. Guess I'll give that a try now.

In this case, I am looking for 1-16 and everything above 23.

Guess we'll need a feature request to allow OR statements.

See Advanced Passes: Multiple CONTAINS/EXCLUDES (prerelease)