Advanced pass multiple conditions of same type

So I'm trying to create an advanced pass to record movies that meet the criteria for 2 genres. When you try to add a second genre condition, the existing genres condition is overwritten. Example, create condition for history and then try to create another one for thrillers. You will be left with a single condition for thrillers. I've duplicated condition categories before with channel number etc and it has always worked well.



See Advanced Passes: Multiple CONTAINS/EXCLUDES (prerelease)

OK so maybe not a bug but a limitation? It appears that I can only AND together using EXCLUDES. So if I wanted to record historical thrillers, I would have to exclude everything but those 2 genres. Since multiple conditions are OR'd together or am I missing something?

Correct you can only OR with CONTAINS.

If you only have two genres you want to AND, one option is:

Genres == History
Genres CONTAINS Thriller