Advanced Pass to Record Certain Channel at a Certain Time for 2 Hours


I would like to create an advanced pass to record the local news channel from 5 to 7 pm every day. Adding a condition to match the channel required is easy, but figuring out how to start recording at 5 pm and end 7 pm isn’t straightforward. I don’t want record based upon the name of the show (sometimes the title changes slightly and I want to record both the local and national/world news during this time and have a single recording to playback). Any ideas on how I can set this up?

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Our DVR isn’t really optimized for time based recording at the moment, so this could be tricky.

Is there always one program on from 5-7pm, or multiple?

If you update to the latest DVR pre-release (hold SHIFT and click Check for Updates), it will let you create advanced passes without == rules. So you could do something like Time CONTAINS 5pm and Genres INCLUDES News


Unfortunately, it’s three different shows and the name varies (e.g. weekday/weekend news). Is it possible to record any program with the Genres “INCLUDES News” between 5 and 7 pm? I also only care about the most recent recording.


I meant is it a 2 hour long program, or are there multiple programs during those two hours?

You can match anything that includes News, but you need to specify the start time. You could do two passes, one for Time CONTAINS 5pm and another for Time CONTAINS 6pm and that would match anything that starts at 5 or 6. But if the start times also vary a lot then there’s no good way to match everything within a timeslot right now.


Typically there are three programs (with start times of 5 pm, 5:30 pm, and 6 pm). I wanted to avoid having three separate recorded programs. I have already moved all my other recordings from Windows Media Center (on Windows 7) to Channels for everything except news.

When I get home, which is after the news starts, I typically like to start playback of a single recording of the news while I prepare dinner and do other things. Having three separate recordings in Channels would not be convenient.


Okay, then I would recommend a new advanced rule as follows:

Channel == 123
Genres CONTAINS News
End Padding: 90 minutes late

That would essentially pick the 5pm news program (regardless of title), and then keep recording for 90 minutes after it ends at 5:30pm.


Great idea, thanks! I’ll implement that rule with an end padding of 90 minutes.