Advanced Pass with channel across tuners?

I'd like to create an advanced pass item, with a specific channel, but one that uses tuner failover like a normal pass.

Easiest way would be to add an "IN" to channel (i.e. a,b), or a channel name field, or even an "OR" condition, but none of these seem to exist. Is there a way to do this?

Why not just input the Channel number in the pass ?

The channel numbers differ between tuners, and I would rather only have one pass.

This is not currently possible

Thanks for confirming. Am I right that it’s a good idea to pad my primary pass by a min or more, so that the secondary one will only fire if the primary fails?

That's a clever hack. It should work.

It didn't work, i believe because the primary pass continues to retry the recording, and fail. It would have to only try once, and fail, for this to work.

See Advanced Passes: Multiple CONTAINS/EXCLUDES (prerelease)