Advantage of experimental video/audio driver?

I just got another new Apple TV 4K - had previously returned one due to a video issue, but later discovered the issue was caused by my TVs motion processing. Since I was tired of my Chromecast freezing up and being a bit slow at times, I decided to give it another shot. As such, I’m trying to figure out the best settings to use. I know the experimental deinterlacer can help with interlaced content, as I saw previously (though the motion processing still made things worse).

With that said, I am curious - what is the advantage of the experimental audio and video drivers? I see on the menu it mentions 4K HDR for the video driver and better Airplay 2 for the audio driver. However, to my knowledge no TVE or OTA sources actually have 4K HDR, and I don’t have any AirPlay speakers. Is there any other benefit to using the experimental drivers? Also, what about “Match Content for Live TV”?

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I was in the same boat. I thought atv sucked until I disabled all motion processing on my TV. The experimental video driver and the experimental deinterlacer kind of go hand in hand with interlaced content. I would highly recommend using both. I would also recommend setting atv to 4k SDR and then enable match content and match range. This way when you do play hdr content atv will switch to it but stay in SDR most of the time. You also won't get the crazy stutter when playing 24fps content.

I always used plex for most of my content. However the other day I had to move an entire series to channels that was on plex becuase plex just made the video look horrible. There were jerks and stutters all over the place. The content played perfectly with channels on the same ATV with the same tvOS settings (using the experimental drivers). As soon as collections gets a little more long in the tooth, I'll eb switching all of my plex content over to channels :blush:

I use experimental video and deinterlacer. default audio driver. I have noticed issues before with experimental audio driver when switching between OTA and m3u channels like Pluto.
But, to answer the question is that the advantage is that it is just another option that different users can try both settings to see what gives the best quality for their Channels setups.