After a few days I get this


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Now i can't get back in


Can't get "back in" to what? From where? is what's called the "loopback address." It's a network device's "self" address. E.g.: I can access my server's web server, from the web server, itself, either by it's hostname, it's assigned IP address, or But if I tried to access from elsewhere, even from elsewhere on my network, it'd come up bupkis.

So going to need more information on what you're trying to do.


than this

This site can’t be reached

dvr-laptop-vasde2ie.local took too long to respond.


Data base failure couldn't open setting.db : open
settings.db action is denied


I'm sorry, but I still cannot fathom what you're trying to do, from what, or from where. Maybe Channels' devs, or somebody else, will have better luck.


I just want to access my dvr on my computer where its stored


I get that, but from where and using what?

E.g.: Are you on your local LAN, using a different device? Trying to access the DVR from the computer upon which it's hosted? Trying to access it remotely, from a WiFi network somewhere else on the Internet?

Is your DVR really running on a laptop?


I am trying to access it on my home computer where the DVR is stored


I assume, by that, you mean on your home computer, from that same computer? (You're making getting details from you a bit like pulling teeth, you know?)

So attempting to access dvr-laptop-vasde2ie.local:8089 is resulting in " refused to connect"?

For starters: Bonjour shouldn't be advertising the DVR on address, so there's something amiss there. I'm not running my DVR on a computer, so I can't see if that should work, or not. (And I'm not running MS-Windows or OS X, which you likely are, in any event.)

What is your home computer's IP address? Can you access your DVR if you go to <>:8089?


Don't know why you are responding if you are not running on a computer

again i'm getting

This site can’t be reached

dvr-laptop-vasde2ie.local took too long to respond.


when i try to connect to my dvr which was fine a few days ago


Did you install the DVR to your system tray or as a windows service?


You're right. I apologize for trying to help in the absence of anybody else responding at the time.


It's back on I repaired bonjour, don't know if that;s what solved it. Still takes a long time to load and Chrome sees the dvr as not secure


Pulled recordings went back yo the hdhr dvr