Air TV Mini (android TV)

There's some issues with the UI of the Channels DVR client on the Air TV Mini.

The playback bar is missing. You cant really tell where you are in a recording or time shifting while wahcin a channel. This may be a "tile" issue as the bar pops up initially (only for a second) once in a blue moon.

Also when you push "up" while watching a channel, and it gives you whats on on the other channels, that bar takes up almost half the screen, vs about a quarter of the screen as seen on the XIaomi Android TV box.

Hopefully channels would consider fixing this, The Air TV Mini is a decent Android TV box; its playback and UI are much faster than the Xiaomi

Someone else reported this too and we haven't figured out what's going on yet.

Interesting.. That sounds related. Can you check on your TV or on the AirTV to see what resolution its outputting?

it was 1080i-60