AirPlay Button?


I would love to see an AirPlay button in the top right corner like most iOS applications. Any chance you guys can make that happen?

Thanks for listening, love the apps!


If you have an Apple TV, it is WELL worth the money to buy the tvOS app rather than trying to use AirPlay!


I have the tvOS app and love it, I’m just trying to fling audio, not video to my SONOS speakers.


Should be able to do that through control center in the audio section. It would be nice to have a direct shortcut though


Unfortunately the way our app works with the HDHR, it has to be in the foreground to be able to keep it's connection to the HDHR. If you put in the background, iOS will disconnect us. So it's not really possible to use the app just to airplay audio in the background.


Good to know that is why it’s not working. Would love to have it work somehow if it is possible someday.


What about with tuner sharing with a DVR instance?