AirTV Anywhere... storing recordings in the cloud

This is an interesting idea. Has storing recordings in the cloud ever been explored by the Channels team?

Why ? We already have access to view our recordings from anywhere.

The Sling recordings are in the cloud. The AirTV OTA recordings are local, stored on an attached USB drive.

To be stored in the cloud effectively, they would also need to be recorded in the cloud. Most users’ upstream internet bandwidth is pretty limited. Uploading the recordings to the cloud would be a very slow process for most (and potentially cause internet slowness for everything else).

Our Channels DVRs are connected to and available via the internet, which means our recordings are already "in the cloud."

Sounds like I misunderstood how this new AirTV works.

I don't think most households have the same upstream bandwidth as most cloud servers. Watching my home recordings from the hotel room is sometimes so frustrating staring at a spinning circle I just switch to Netflix. I know this is not a channels issue it's the same with emby and plex.

In my case that isn’t an issue as I usually get faster upstream than down with gigabit fiber.

I have xfinity 300mbs. But my upstream is under 10. I only get between 4 and 5 on the channels speed test when using it remotely. It's really pathetic.

That is normal for cable provided internet, although that even seems to be extreme. Spectrum is usually about 10% of the down I think, but haven't had them in years. As more households have access to fiber, that will become more and more stale. My last two houses had Spectrum and AT&T fiber... and the competition helps keep the prices down. When AT&T moved into our neighborhood, Spectrum immediately increased our speed by about 3x for the same price.