All channels appear as HD?

Hi everyone,

I’ve made an m3u of channels for my sat>Ip device and these all work really well for me.

For some reason the iOS apps, and I the web interface, classes all channels as HD. The EPG seems correct with and without HD tags so I’m not sure if I may have done something wrong.

Anyone have any ideas I could try?


It's the m3u that needs to mark if the station is SD, not the EPG. And if there is nothing in there, the assumption is that the station is HD.

I can't see any info on how to mark channels as SD?

This board is wonderful resource full of searchable answers:

Much appreciated, thank you, I did do a search!

Is there a way to include a tag for other channel collections so they are sorted into Kids/News/Movies etc?

That data comes from the guide items. Not the channels. It’s based on what’s currently playing.

You can manage this yourself using Channel Collections and is very much the suggested way of managing channels and groups.

If that's the case, not sure why I have a Sports collection/section with no channels in it? I don't have any channels on my guide which are sports channels anyway, so would be nice if this was gone.

Feel free to make any collections you want with Channel Collections.

I think it's more the ones that are there are not suitable, unnecessary.

I’m not sure what else to say. You have full control over changing it.

I'm sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I don't have any channel collections created manually, however my EPG shows Movies, Sports, Drama, News and Kids. I've correctly identified HD and non-HD channels on my m3u (perhaps this should be on your documentation on Custom Channels?)

As mentioned, Sports is empty and the rest are a bit of a weird bunch so was hoping for some advice on how to tidy them up to how I'd prefer them to be. Either on the Collections you mention (which I've tried and have made not difference) or the m3u?


Yes, those are the default collections that use the metadata of currently playing airings to filter channels into categories.

Using Channel Collections on the server, you can make your own any way you like. You can pick channels manually, and even use the filtering technique using your own genre.

This gives you total control over these. And even better, you can do it for just a single client or all your clients. So everything can be in sync.

All of the information on how to do it is in the linked article I posted.

So yes, if you’re not happy with the default collections, you have all the power to make them just how you’d like them.

I understand now, thank you for your advice!