All channels from DUAL are labeled as SD


I am running a prime and a connect. For some reason, all channels from the connect are label as SD even though some are clearly HD. Am I doing something wrong?


Where do you see them listed as SD? What version firmware is on your CONNECT.

Check the channel lineup for your HDHR on Do the channels have an HD tag on the right?


Hi tmm1. They are not listed in the HD category on the guide. My firmware is version 20170815. It actually said HDhomerun dual on the site. Unlike my prime, I can’t see the channel list on the HTML page. Instead it try’s to redirect me to the app. Sorry if that isn’t helpful. Thanks for responding!


Ah you have a DUAL. That is an older unit which is unable to detect HD vs SD.

In the DVR web ui, you can click the channel list and manually mark the hd channels.


Perfect. Thanks!


Looks like the interface has changed, or else I’ve forgotten how to do this. How do you mark DUAL channels as HD rather than SD?


In the DVR web UI, click on the channels link under the hdhomerun. It should be the same as before…