All Channels on 4.5 last instead of first?

With 4.5 and the addition of collections, I would like to keep the All Channels available, but I would much prefer it be last in the list of Collections instead of first. I'm sure this is personal preference, but I can't see that being the destination most of the time, and is more of a diagnostic tool. I have my Favorites collection listed first. I am concerned a family member falls into All Channels by accident and is then overwhelmed.

I believe they will retain the order you prefer as the order you select them.

I'm talking about the system provide All Channels. If you turn that on, its first in the list. You have no control over it.

In order to have control over this, instead of using the system provided all channels, I created my on collection with all the channels in it and called it All. I then tried adding it to the list of available collections. All of that worked fine. When I went to the Apple TV, the new All collection wasn't there. So All is apparently a name you can't use as a collection name. This seems strange because I can have a collection named Favorites.

I renamed the All collection to Every and I can add that and it appears fine on the Apple TV. Another glitch I found though is if you rename a collection that is added to those visible on the Apple TV, without removing it and re-adding it, on the sever it shows the new collection name in the list of added collections. On the Apple TV it still has the old name, but now it is empty of any channels. To fix it, you have to remove and add back the collection on the server.

I do agree, I'd prefer "All Channels" at the very bottom of the list. It's the one category I use the very least (by far.)

If that's a genuine concern, perhaps a better solution, at least in the short term, is to simply toggle the visibility of the "All" collection, via Settings > General > Live TV > All Channels Collection. If you simply need it as a "diagnostic tool," then leave it off by default and enable it for display when you're doing diagnosis.