All episodes same title

See below a few examples of shows on Ireland TV. Episodes have the same date so when recorded they cannot be differentiated. These are all live shows that should have the date aired as the title. They seem to have the date the show started on all.

They don’t have titles. So the date is used. The clients employ a little better heuristics to decide on a title though.

I wouldn’t be concerned with presentation in the web admin.

As for why they are the date they started, it’s because the guide data has the episodes’ original air date set as this. This is common for daily news programs.

Thanks for the reply. I am seeing the issue with Apple TV though as well. See below. I can’t tell which episode aired when.

I’ll see what I can do. But unfortunately, they don’t submit this data to the guide provider. So we don’t know either. This is something we’ve struggled with for a while.

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Please click Support > Submit Diagnostics on your DVR so we can investigate further.

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Will do. Thanks for looking in to it anyway. It may correct itself soon with new guide data. I notice Ireland isn’t technically on the list of countries but still get data from most of the channels except Oireachtas TV and RTÉ 2 +1

Just sent log now

Just an update from me. I am seeing the issue on Apple TV but Fire TV 4K stick is ok. Some Apple TV shows have started to correct themselves but not all. I am on latest server beta

Hi all,

I’m seeing what I assume is the same issue with “Greater Boston” on WGBH. On my iPad/iPhone/AppleTV the episodes show the original air date, while they seem to show the record date on my Amazon Fire tablet.

Is this something that I can remedy through my own action, or more a client/server/guide issue?


We'll look into it, thanks.

Titles for recordings are EXTREMELY hard as metadata varies. If there's an episode title, we'll of course use that, if there isn't, then we'll use the episode's original air date. If there's no original air date, we'll just use the date the item was recorded. The problem with news shows is, sometimes they just put the date their news program originally started (even if it was in the 80s) on EVERY episode as original air date.

As you can imagine, it's easy to decide what title to show if one of the option is blank, but when it's not blank and it's wrong, it's hard to do anything about that. It'd be much easier if they just DIDN"T include it, lol.

So sometimes we run into this issue. We try our best.

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Makes sense, I’m just a little confused about the fact that it seems to be different between the Apple and Amazon Fire clients. Fire shows (I think) record date, while Apple shows nothing but the original air date.