All movies lost watched status

Last night our power flickered off and caused my NAS to shut down and it didn't power back up. I didn't notice that until this morning. This is where I store all of my ripped movies.

I powered it back up and noticed that channels is re-reading all of those files as if I had newly imported them. I never changed anything on the server settings. Now all of my movies reset back to unwatched status.

Is this normal behavior?

Log is showing them being imported again?

Please submit diagnostics

Yes, logs show them being imported again.

I submitted the logs and sent an email to supports.


Can you restore from the last backup before the power blip?

I don't think so, or know how I would do that. It didn't do that with my imported TV Shows or Recordings, just the movies. My imported TV Shows and recordings are on the same PC as the Channels server. That is on a UPS backup and never shut down. It was only the movies on the NAS.