Am I missing somethiing? No app in app store-

I picked up a second Tivo Stream 4k to replace the original FS 1s. gen I previously posted about and found it does not work with Channels. I've been using the TS4K with Channels for months with out too many issues so opted for a second. When I go to the app store only the Server is available, the Beta app only links to a description that indicates it was updated today 4/7/21 with no option to download or install it - what happened?

I believe you need to leave the beta program. Google Play Store will only show the beta version of an app if you are enrolled in that app's beta program. In order to have the stable/release version of an app display in the Play Store, you cannot be enrolled in that app's beta program. It's an all-or-nothing situation with Google Play.

As a workaround, once you have installed the stable version on Android, you can go to the Settings > Support menu in the Channels app to manually download and install the beta version. Additionally, the beta version of the app also has a link to update itself via its Settings > Support menu, too.

So how do I "leave" the beta program? Seems like a strange solution, but wiling to try.


You could also click Install on and select your Android device there.

Thanks! Got it.