Amazon Echo or Harmony Hub Integration


I would love if Channels could work with the Logitech Harmony Hub or Amazon Echo. I have an Amazon Echo and have been slowly automating everything. I can turn on most of my downstairs light and turn on the TV. Would be great is I could say " Alexa go to channel ABC" or CNN or ESPN and she would launch the Channels app and switch to ABC.


Unfortunately there’s no way to automate launching of apps on the ATV.

We are investigating some integration with for cases where the app is already open and you want to change channels or stop playback.


that would be nice, so will it integrate with the Amazon Echo? I really want say “Alexa change Channels to NBC” or something similar.


If you need me to test this out I can since I have Home Assistant installed and have an Echo and Google Home


This would be an amazing feature! Any luck with the integration with home assistant?


We have an official Channels plugin that's available as part of Home Assistant. You can also use the api directly: