Amazon Echo

Any possibility of an interface with the Echo? Voice controls, WOW.

There’s no Echo integration with Apple TV.

I know.

Only thing you can get right now with an Echo is a Logitech Harmony Hub to turn your activity on and off and then set your volume up and down. At least that I know of…

Harmony support is nice. I use this myself integrated with Home Assistant.

The issue with integrating Channels is that any sort of Alexa Skill wouldn’t work unless the application was opened. I’d love to be able to remotely launch tvOS apps, but it’s not possible.

There ISSS the option of just launching a skill that only works if the application is open. This is useful for say a kitchen TV where you know Channels is open, but your hands are almost always full. It’s limiting, but it could still be useful.

Don’t rule it out, but don’t count on it either.

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What about integrating it with the dvr service instead of the ios app so you can schedule recordings or have alexa tell you when something has finished recording?


“Alexa, create a series pass for Great British Bake Off” would be cool. Except the bake off bit!

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I think this would be great. Plex does this for playing movies and TV shows, and it works really well. It will also work for all the play controls as well.

I'm using Alexa with the Harmony Hub.... while I'm not asking for complex things like voice control for scheduling recordings, it would be nice to have simple functionality integration.

Right now I can turn the Home Theater (TV, receiver, ect) on/off with Alexa and have volume/up and down. By specifying Shield specifically after linking via my Nvidia account, I can also directly address the Shield and get pause/play by saying "Alexa pause the shield." This works within Channels. I also get "Alexa launch Netflix on the Shield". I'd like to have Channels launched similarly via voice control on the Shield along with at least simple channel up/down commands. Being able to address specific channels via something like "Alexa go to MSNBC" or "Alexa go to CBS" would be a bonus.

It looks like Amazon has built in some additional functionality for their Fire devices:

I have Hulu Live TV because it is the only streaming service to support the ECHO SHOW. I have them around the house. "Alex watch NBC". I would like to see a Channels Echo Show Client.

I did a search for Alexa before posting, but perhaps I didn't pick the proper thread for my comment.