Amazon Fire TV Recast


Not sure how well this product will work, but looks like some troublesome competition coming from the big boys.

Fire TV Recast, Over-the-air DVR, 500 GB, 75 hours
Amazon link


It does sound like a pretty cool thing if you delete your recordings and can handle just 2 (4) tuners, and don’t mind amazon being in your home, which excludes me.

I wonder if you can copy your recordings off. Having the DVR and turners in a single device does give some nice opportunities.


It definitely looks interesting, but is only going to satisfy a specific segment of Channels user. I myself was disappointed to hear there wasn’t a CableCard version or higher/swappable storage. It’s really only good for:

  • Antenna only; no CableCard device as of yet
  • Only need up to 2/4 simultaneous live/record
  • Delete shows or don’t store a massive amount of recordings
  • Prefer some form of integrated Fire TV guide and Amazon’s development cycle
  • Don’t mind being subject to whatever devices Amazon restricts you to

While absolutely something Channels needs to keep any eye on, the more direct attack is on Tablo, and to some degree, Silicon Dust.


Personally, I prefer the Apple TV experience. However, looks as though Amazon is offering the DVR with no subscription fee for the service or guide data, which could be enticing. It works with iOS, so tvOS could be on the horizon similar to Amazon Prime.


Still don’t know why tv manufacturers just don’t add a DVR service.


It works with iOS because that’s not competition yet because they aren’t in the phone business ( they were for a year and will try again). They definitely don’t want people to generate any data or make purchases without being able to capture it.


I would have found this tempting a month ago, but HDHR Premium has changed my mind. Being a cord cutter (not shaver), Channels + HDHR Premium is the first time I’ve been able to have both broadcast and cable channels in one interface and I love it. It’s a bit rocky at times, but I’m hoping (and assuming) that SD will get it all ironed out eventually.

However, I am curious about the PS Vue integration with the Recast that Amazon mentioned. PS Vue was my streaming TV service of choice before HDHRP.


Vue is already using the Guide and Guide Data, but you can only change channels to what’s on now. I doubt you will be able to record Vue locally. I could see Amazon adding a service similar to premium tv


I almost hate to say it, but if Amazon released a HDHRP type service where you could locally record cable channel streams, that would get me to jump on board.