Amazon Prime as a source?

I've added my local OTA and YouTubeTV as sources. Can I also add Amazon Prime? Thursday Night football sucks via the Amazon Prime player.

The only thing I like about Amazon's player is when you move the mouse to the left of the screen and it brings up an OSD showing you the actors currently onscreen and then you can click a BIO on each of them. Love that feature. Wish all services offered it.

But the rest of Amazon player sucks.

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You beat me to it! Would love to see a docker image like the one for to pull this into channels.

You would need an HDMI encoder and something like HDMI for Channels to bring it in.
You might get away with Chrome Capture for channels.
I would personally like it if Playon Home could be modified to interface with channels.
Oh well.

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It won't work because DRM. Only way to get around it is through the HDMI tools or using CC4C and custom channels

For those without prime they could use and pipe that in via CC4C

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Hmm, I have VideoProcessor and a 4K capture card. I pay for Prime. I'm not yet familiar with CC4C, HDMI tools or custom channels.
But is what I have going to be enough to get me full quality Prime using the much better Channels interface?

Ok...take a look here

It's a lot of info to go through but it is all good info.

If you have a cablecard you can get somewhat close by taping the replay of the game on NFL Network.

You can do that with TVE if your provider has NFL Network. I did that with the 3:15AM re-airing myself.

Not sure how Prime would work since it does not have any channel guide. Similar to Netflix. No channel guide since there is not one.

Yes? No?

For those with HDMI encoders, and FireTV devices, this is possible -- as described here: