Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads on January 29th

Guessing others have seen this but I didn’t find a post here about it. If I had Prime just for streaming content, I’d cancel but as with many of us that’s far from true. I’ll even be less impacted since I don’t watch much Prime but it does add some more value to my PlayOn Cloud subscription.

Any commercials are too many commercials for me :joy:

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Too many Subscription services ... subscribers are watered down so in order to make money they have to move to ADs. At least Prime has free delivery which would have cost me hundreds of dollars. I have Canceled Netfix Paramount ... only keeping Prime. Plus Anystream eliminates the ADs.


For those that will make heavy use of play-on, you might want to check out audials movie. Once you pay for the app, you can download as much as you like at no additional cost.

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I use Anystream because I like full Dolby sound does this do 5.1 and above audio ?


I love good sound as well and have not tried Audials Movie yet. I'm using there upscaling product and it's easy to use and gets the job done. There is a free trial download though it may have some limits. This is what they state about sound:

Optimal audio

Have you ever watched a movie where you can hardly hear what they’re saying because of all the background noise? Audials helps you understand dialog by creating specially-mixed audio tracks.

In stereo or 5.1

Not shore what that means

I have Audials as well. Unfortunately they can only give you (as far as sound and video quality) what the app for the service would give you on your computer.

The video quality for everything except Apple TV plus is really good in my experience. However, I haven't found anything that will play more that stereo via the computer.

I have been using streamfab for about a year now and love it. It's similar to anystream that @Edwin_Perez mentioned above. Video quality and sound is great.

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I'm already tied up for a couple months. I'll just use the kodi plugin (which has no ads) or use Anystream/PlayOn/StreamFab or whatnot.

I don't watch much on Prime. Judy Justice, The Boys and Gen V are all out of season anyways

I've always been on the fence w/Prime. The ad free video was enough to get me in. I just renewed last week. I got the email about ads and jumped back over the fence and cancelled for almost a full refund. I'll just plan ahead and order a lot less from them.

I'm with others and financial death by a thousand subscriptions is getting old.

Commercials are the price of free (Pluto, Crackle, ...) If I'm paying for a service, ads are a non starter.

The free shipping argument is void, it's not free if it costs north of $150/yr.


I prefer Anystream. Its $$$$. But for most services i get 1080p/5.1 audio. Disney is locked down at 720P. There is even some 4k content on some services.

I only tried Audials once over a year ago. I had a lot of issues with it. Could of just been me. I haven't re-tried

If my wife wasn't addicted Amazon shopping I would drop Prime the moment i get ADS.

Heck I dropped spotify premium because they decided premium users can be served ads on "select" podcast. Just happened the "select" podcast where all the ones I listen to.

I have gone back to the high seas of piracy for my podcast. Im not going to pay money to watch a AD.

Media conpanies need to relize. Its either Ads or Subscription. Not both. You want me to pay for content, fine. But you dont get to double dip. This behavior is driving people back to piracy.

The end


Streamfab, works well. Even rips those Freevie content that has ads.
Some streaming services are locked to 720p, unless you have a L1 Device Key.,

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I agree with you. Years ago Verizon tried to throw an increase at me when my "contract" expired when I renewed. I chose to just keep paying the bill and have had the same price for over 10 years. I have a premium package with channels that are no longer bundled in any package. I'm paying about 1/2 of what I would be if I'd played their "contract" game. We also use streaming services, Netflix and Prime and commercial skip anything that we record. I'm not happy about Prime adding commercials and am waiting to see how they implement it. If it's a pre role I'll tolerate them. Inserted into the shows and movies and I'll decide to either pay or download and strip. The conversation about the different downloaders and how well they work is great. If I can automate downloads of content I want to view, that would be great. It sounds like chromecast for channels might be the way to go for that.


I have to agree. I've used Streamfab for over a year and find it works well with Amazon Prime. You can get a license for many other providers as well, but they are not as stable as AP. I also find that you need to install their weekly updates to keep the services performing well.

I've also used Anystream during the free trials. It does pull in very good quality files, but I have concerns with their only payment method in the U.S. is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ? I bought with a credit card. Oh I see that must be a new problem. I used a Visa to buy mine last year.

I tried using a Visa, earlier this year and it was rejected. I believe it has to do with they are located in an area of Europe that has some restrictions. I did find a way to reset the free trial, but that does limit the amount of downloads you can have for 30 days.

When Amazon started jacking the price of Prime and deliveries slipped from 2-day to 3 or even 5 days I finally dumped it. I rarely ever used their media/music services, and it turns out I still have access to what little digital content that I actually purchased. I still order lots of stuff from Amazon, but instead of arriving in a day or two it might take 5 days and if I order at least $35 worth, it's still free shipping. Many times they tell me it will be 5 days to receive items, but their entire system is so well set up for fast shipping that I get it in 2 days anyways. They are, however, getting better at purposely holding items at the warehouse for an extra couple days to slow down the shipping. It's almost comical.


Im looking at streamfab now. Tried the demo & looks like its a winner.

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PlayOn is on sale for 20 bucks 1st year right now, what are the issues with it? I'm looking at getting some sort of downloader next year because sports are increasingly moving to live streams.

There's no way I'm watching that stuff live because of the ridiculous amount of commercials, and I see that PlayOn can download on a schedule which is perfect for live events. Has built-in comskip too but I have no idea whether it's any good.

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Just curious why a subscription, as opposed to just using PlayOn Cloud credits a la carte, which work great with Channels DVR's integration? What does the PlayOn Cloud subscription gain you?

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Tbh, haven’t given it much thought in a while! Probably not a lot other than for $2.99 / mo, I get 30 credits and at .10 a credit that’s is slightly cheaper than bulk deals I’ve seen. Downside is that the subscription credits expire though I typically use them all. And the expiration kind of helps me to remember to record stuff I’ve added to my watch lists. :grinning:

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Gotcha, thanks, I didn't realize (or forgot) there was a subscription that small.

Unfortunately for Mac users, PlayOn Home requires Windows. I really appreciate how PlayOn Cloud works though, and you're right, this moving forward should serve as an even better partner to Amazon Prime Video, assuming comskip does a good job detecting these new ads. I haven't watched much of anything on Prime, so I'm not inclined to pay Amazon additional $36/year to make it ad-free. But when I do want to check something out there, even infrequently, I'd like to skip ads, so will be using PlayOn Cloud credits for that content moving forward, with fingers crossed it continues to work together nicely.