AMC on TVE has intermittent sound/video glitch

It's the only channel I have an issue with. Sound consistently starts and stops every few seconds with a slight video pause/glitch. It's the only channel I've experienced this on. Anyone have any ideas?

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Does it happen in the AMC app on their stream there?

On their Stream. Haven't used the app in ages. Doesn't happen on any other tve channel I've cycled through. Just AMC.

Same here

Is this a yes or a no?

You need to email AMC support for help if it's broken on their app.

See for example Sound cycles off/on - Sundance TVE

In your channel guide using tveverywhere. Why would I complain here about an AMC app issue?

Clicked the link. Will test further.

This issue happening to me as well -- only on AMC. The other AMC channels stream normally. The AMC channel works fine through the Philo app. I don't have another TVE app to check the stream.

I recorded a movie last night on AMC (using Channels DVR) and the recoding also has choppy audio.

I hope this helps.

Can anyone answer this question?

The AMC app on FireTV has the audio drop issues with the live stream.



Thank you. Please email [email protected] and tell them their stream in their app is not working.

After sending an email to their support, it's stream is now fixed. I'm seeing no issues.

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