AMD Transcoding

Is this the same as quick sync. Just Amd’s Version

On Linux and FreeBSD, they are presently using VA-API which is a middle layer between the software and QSV. Most current AMD cards also support VA-API, and therefore on those platforms you will probably get hardware acceleration.

But no, AMD's Quick Stream is something different.

How do you think this chip will do?

Which chip? You haven't specified a card, nor which platform you are using.

This laptop.

Have no Idea if this can transcode like Intel's quick sync

Not sure, but doubtful. I don't believe VAAPI is used for Windows transcoding.

We support AMD video acceleration on Windows but not any other platform. Our VA-API support is Intel-specific so AMD transcoding won't work with the Linux DVR.

If you're planning to run Windows then it should work fine.

Thanks, it's a Windows laptop

No this has nothing to do with video. It's something else.

AMD's version of QuickSync is called AMF:

I'm not sure if it's supported on AMD CPU or only on graphics cards.

Thanks, can you tell from these specs

What happened to VCE? Did AMD replace it? Is it not supported by Channels DVR?