An update on DRM support


Precisely my view.

Excerpt from 50 Years of the Video Cassette Recorder

Now, with DRM, the studios are accomplishing via the “back door” what they could not going through the front: DRM’ing everything and making the entry barrier so high that only fellow big-media companies can overcome it.

Another reason to not pay for subscription TV, in my view. And if they eventually do that to OTA then I guess I’ll just stop recording it. Which means I’ll watch less TV. shrug I’ll probably go back to reading more books, at that point. Which will be better for my brain, anyway :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how it works with Google’s own Live Channels app since they’re using HD Home Run as the tuner? Is that something Channels could implement?


Channels doesn’t have the requisite (extremely high) financial standing to be able to pass certification for DRM. AFAIK, this would be a totally unreachable goal for Channels now or in the foreseeable future.

I’m one of those users caught in the middle. Some (many) are abandoning cable co reliance…especially with the latest HDHR Premium TV offering. As my HOA provides cable TV programming (paid with quarterly dues…no opportunity to opt out), all of the channels offered on newly Premium TV channels are already included…adding Premium TV would only be a duplication at a doubled cost for us.

My DRM channels (~39) are offered as a $10 add-on (Starz, MGM, Encore, Flix, etc.). We do utilize these channels + the also included Smithsonian (non DRM) for approx 80% of our viewing. No way to add on demand for same as Comcast denies us this capability. Hence we have to use SDDVR for real time viewing…while patiently (not) :rage: waiting for SD DRM recording capability (3 years).

Suggest others, those not handicapped as we are, to explore other possibilities as SD is still not answering inquries re: DRM recording. Personally, I am beginning to believe that this effort by SD will finally fail, although I keep on checking and beating my head against the wall.


They sure have put a lot of work into it to have it fail :frowning:

Personally, as an ex-software developer, myself, and having been in the tech industry since the days of glow bottles, my feeling is DRM is a pox on consumers. It’s a moving target, appears rigged to keep the little guy out and is very bad for consumers.

If our Legislators weren’t in bed with Hollywood and the music industry it’d probably be outlawed for its degree of consumer-unfriendliness.

And I fear you may be right, Debbie: It may well be SD’s effort was doomed from the start.


Agreed. I was a Shareware author and one of our biggest credos was to trust the user and not play DRM games. That is what this is – I feel they expect to be able to suck the user dry with repeated fees for the same content.


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