And this is why I use Channels (aka Plex fail!)


Any of you also Plex DVR users? I have a plex pass so I've tried it. They just sent out an email saying you have to update to a certain version of the server by June 30 or else you will lose access to guide data. But guess what? That version is only in beta. It's not been publicly released yet! And you apparently have to upgrade to it in 9 days. That's a software fail big time!

I :heart: Channels


I have Plex as well but I do not use the TV/DVR other then just playing around with it. For serious Live TV/ DVR watching we use Channels so not sure I care what Plex does.

However, for the other things Plex does I really like. My Media in Plex is pretty nice. I really have no complaints.


I agree it sort of sucks what Plex is doing regarding their change over. It doesn't affect me personally, as I also don't use their DVR or Live TV functionality as it never worked well for me from the beginning and didn't play nice with other Live TV services I used at the time side by side.

While I feel it would be nice to have an "all in one" solution to our Movie/Recorded TV watching I just haven't been able to find it. It seems like every server type software has one thing about one part of it that I dislike.

I have used Plex, Emby and for local playback even Kodi. Both Plex and Emby have their drawbacks in the Live TV/DVR area that I dislike. I could go either way with Plex or Emby as regards my own personal media playback (both local and remote). I usually use Emby mainly because it does some things I like that Plex doesn't do as well for me personally (collections for example). Playback quality, general usability for example are about the same between the two.

However, for Live TV/DVR Channels has been hands down the best. I have had very few problems in the past year of usage. When some little thing happens they fix it pretty quickly and even the little things have just been very little things. Adding in the ability to skip commercials just tops it all off for me.


Agree. I should have made clear in my original post that I don't dislike Plex, and use it regularly for my local content as you do. My main point, referencing @d21mike, is that Channels has been much more 'professional' in their software handling in my opinion. Whereas trying to get support from Plex is painful, getting support from Channels is top notch. Plex telling people you must upgrade to a certain version of the software in 10 days, and they haven't even released that version yet, is a fail in my book, especially since people are paying for their service/product.


I too use Plex for my video and music libraries, but their implementation of DVR/Live TV is just not very good.

Plex has made the very mistake that I don't want Channels to make, trying to be all things to everyone. Instead of being a jack of all trades and a master of none, I'd rather software focus on core functionality and deliver that in the best way possible.


Plex has to pay a provider for channel data. Obviously something happened that forced them to switch providers. Perhaps they owe an explanation, but contracts might be getting in the way of Plex telling the users what happened.
Channels uses the provider that's part of HDHomeRuns. Plex supports more hardware options.
So if something happened to Plex, I'd be concerned about Channels as well.


I think you're following a false line of reasoning here. SiliconDust (manufacturers of the HDHomeRun tuners), Plex, and Channels all receive their guide data from Gracenote. (Although from this thread it seems that Plex may no longer an agreement with them.) In any case, the agreements that each of those 3 have with Gracenote is separate and not reliant upon one another.

Something happening to Plex's guide data does not mean will happen to Channels': the two are completely unrelated. (That's similar to a situation where you and I both had the same insurance provider: if I change my provider, plan or coverage, in no way does that affect your current coverage.)

Complete non sequitor.