Android 12 beta Channels Won't Load

Just a heads up that I'm currently running Android 12 beta 3 on my Pixel 4XL and Channels DVR no longer is working. It still worked on Beta 2 of Android 12 but as of last week and the new release of Beta 3 of Android 12 it's broken. I've tried multiple versions of the apk including the latest beta and all crash on opening the app.

Same here. Only difference is I'm on a Pixel 3a xl

I know that Android 12 beta 3 is the first beta version that includes the new Android 12 api that will be part of Android 12 final and it's my guess that Channels DVR isn't compatible with them yet and is why it's now broken. Just a guess but it's the big change in beta 3 of Android 12.

They may address a few major crashes before the final OS release, but that's about all I would expect. The developers have stated they do not usually test against beta OS releases; I would recommend waiting until their clients apps have been tested against the final release version before updating your viewing devices to a major OS upgrade.

(Of course, that's generally a good idea across the board: wait to upgrade to a major OS release until you know your software will work for it.)

The problem with waiting till it comes out to start testing is it puts them behind already. Android 12 will be already running on many devices by the time an update to the software would come out. That's why Google let's developers know when the final api is in the beta so they can start testing and make their software compatible.But out of my hands. At least Channels is the only one I've had a problem with and I have about 60 apps. Android 12 is so slick. Biggest refresh of Android in a while and it's very welcome.

The first dev beta reported as "Android S" in settings for some reason.
nearly all of my apps did not open.
Since the latest beta update pushed out, it reports as Android 12 and most of my apps load and work fine, Channels is one that does not load.