Android Activity Support


Are there any plans to add additional activities that we can link to in android. The purpose would be to map a button to my remote to launch ABC or any specific channel directly.

After a bit of digging there is only one activity available at the moment:



Use our api


Sure that works but not natively... I am using a harmony remote connected via bluetooth to invoke a key command to the number 1, I then use button mapper [] to remap number 1 to an activity.

  • For Android and Fire TV, it will work if Channels is active or backgrounded, but only if it has been launched at least once.
    ** This is an issue as one would have to make sure the app is opened in order to use the API
    ** The tablet I am using is untargetable via the api, probably a blocked port
    ** Does the API call actually foreground the app?


The api will foreground the app, yes. It only works on TVs though, not tablets.


I'm trying to use button mappper to change to channel 5 when I press button 5, but I don't seem to find out how to make it work. I installed button mappper, and assume I have to select "shell" to be triggered when pushing button 5, and then I entered "curl -x POST" as the shell command. But when I press 5, I received the following message: "Shell: applet not found".
What am I doing wrong?
I'm using an Nvidia shield TV


Where are you running button mapper?


On Android TV (shield). Same device as channels is installed.


Android TV doesn't have curl I don't think. Also you need -XPOST (upper case X no space after). It should also be /api/ not /API/


Were you actually able to get this to work, I get the same error as above even with the correct changes.


Yes. I sideloaded tasker on Shield and created several events that post certain things to the API. Then I used button mapper and mapped the number button (1,2,3..) do start these tasker events.

I also have a harmony remote and called a button on the remote "live tv" and assigned the number 1 to it. So, every time I want to get right to live tv, I click on the "live tv" button on my remote, which sends the "1" to Shield which then tells button mapper to start the tasker event "turn on PBS". Tasker then sends the command to the API which starts PBS. It's a little cumbersome, but works.

I wish there was a direkt way to tell the API to load the grid guide. And another commend to go to recordings. @tmm1, is it possible to add these comments to the API? As in: When I am watching live tv, can the API turn the Shield to the grid guide? Or my list of recordings?
Also, is there any way to tell via the API that I want to record the program that is currently on?
This way, when I watch a TV show live, and I want to record it, I could click the "record" button on my remote and tell button mapper to tell tasker to the the API to start the recording that it currently on.


On another note, accessibility settings bug was fixed with Shield TV update 7.2 |


I am unable to get button mappers send intent to be picked up in tasker, I am not sure why that is.