Android app guide not updating on chromebook


I am using Android app on an Asus Chromebook Flip with Channels DVR. Note that this Chromebook has Intel processor, unlike many other Chromebooks.

The Guide data is not updating in the app. The Guide data is updating in the web player.

I can playback recordings. Everything seems to work except the Guide is not updated.

My Guide data is empty. I rebooted my Chromebook and the Guide data will populate. But the next day the Guide data is empty until I reboot my Chromebook. Closing and reopening the app doesn't repopulate guide.


Strange. Next time you notice missing data, click Submit Diagnostics under Player. Then reply here and I'll check the logs.

You can try going to Tuners and long-press your HDHR, then select Refresh Device. See if that forces the guide data to load in or not.


I hadn't watched Channels in a few days on my chromebook.
This morning the guide is unpopulated as before.

I submitted Diagnostics for the Guide as you requested.

Then I went into Tuners and Refreshed my two tuners. This worked and guide data appeared.

But you may want to look at diagnostics and see why refreshing was necessary 8^)