Android App Loadtime

Hey devs!

I gotta say, this was the perfect time for me to import my media into Channels since Plex has been down all day.

I've noticed since I've added my movies and shows, that it takes the app a bit longer to load than it used too. I'm not sure if this is because it now has to load my imported media, but it went from 3-5 seconds to 20-25 seconds. Is there anything I can send to you guys if this isn't supposed to be happening?

Again thanks for all the help and for this product!

This happens on the Apple TV HD client as well. I’ve mentioned a few times that load times are horrible after you add your media. It gets terribly bogged down.

This is a known issue. It's much worse on android, especially on older hardware. What device are you using?

Significant improvements were made recently. Before that it probably would have taken minutes for the app to load.

More improvements are planned.

Thanks for letting me know you're aware of it, I appreciate that more improvements are planned!

I'm using Nvidia Shields and a Pixel 4a 5G.