Streamlinks - Showing up in Manage Recordings

I am seeing streamlinks showing up when I select Manage Recordings. Doesn't include all of them only some. Is this the expected behavior? I tried to submit diagnostics but it is not working, CDVR seems to be using excessive CPU currently(v2021.02.24.1705).

Yes it is normal for them to show up. You can use the "All Sources" dropdown to filter what's shown.

I did receive the diagnostics, and have made more improvements in the next build to reduce CPU/memory usage.

See also:

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Yeah like right after I made that post I "found" the drop down menus - old eyes... :roll_eyes:

Thank you!

Is cpu okay now?

Let me take a look and I will get back to you here.

I am still seeing what I consider excessive CPU use. It is running 30-50% it is running so high I can hear the CPU fan.

I have removed all the streamlinks as of 24 hours ago. It is still saying "Processing previously recorded files" I can't get into "Manage Recordings" just spins.

Using the latest prerelease. Tried to submit logs again but it is also just spinning - hopefully you got those.
Anyways outside of these issues CDVR looks to be functioning normally.


As of about an hour ago CPU usage is minimal, Server is now idle, I can get into various areas of the UI where I could not before.

Removing streamlinks takes 24+ hours to accomplish? (I know it what a lot of them but?) That seems excessive. Is this the expected behavior? What does that mean for local content? (have not set that up to this point)

Anyway everything looks nominal now.
Thank you!

i mentioned that but it was dismissed. i had the same issue, very slow on a mac mini m1 with imports, took out the imports and everything is fast again.

Thanks for diagnostics.

Looks like RAM usage was normal now, only 33MB instead of 1GB like before.

I did see the delete was going very slow since there were so many imported. I'll work on making that faster.

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I wish I had seen this before I added all of them. I like the idea, but I may only use it selectively going forward. I was about to send a email to support because I had deleted the folders in Imports but I still had all these movies and shows in my library. There is not a easy way to undo this. Going to a manage recordings was not obvious until I read this. Also, it only lets you delete so many shows or movies at a time. You have to keep re selecting all and move to trash. Other than that, I think channels is going to be a great replacement for dish for us. I really like the playon integration.