Android App on Chrome PC or Chromebox

I'm thinking about getting a Chrome PC or Chromebox. from what I have been able to read it can be hit or miss with being able to use Android Apps.

so I thought this would be a good place to ask what other peoples experiences have been with getting the Android TV app to work on their Chrome PC or Chromebox.

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I use the Channels Android App on a Google Chromebook. Works without issue. Installs through the Play Store. Android TV version will not install on anything other than Android TV.

thanks for the information. I was referring to Channels Android App for viewing live TV and Channels DVR recordings. I wasn't aware there was another called Android TV.

I'm looking to get a PC or box computer instead of another Apple TV.

from what I understand the ability to load Android Apps onto a Chrome computer depends on the manufacturer.

which brand do you have?

I have the Google Pixelbook.