Android app , recommended thirtd party remote..with next channel button


Just bought a prime, got tired of waiting for 6 tuner version, the app is great..I just cannot find a way to simple go to the next channel with a key press..,that's the only reason I use the built in channels app, press up, it goes to next channel.. why is there not a way to do this with the channels app?? The only way I noticed is to press the page up button on a keyboard..

Is there a third party remote that is recommended for channels?? That will allow me to simple press a button to go to the next channel, like every regular TV??

Thanks for any help..


My four year old Sony Bravia original remote's channel up/down switches Channels. Holding a button down makes them fast scroll.

This only means that channel surfing does respond to the correct signals. Now, we only need to know what they are!