Android Beta: Groundwork for upcoming performance improvements (v5.19.0046)

Starting in beta APK v5.19.0046 there is a major under-the-hood change in the library we use to communicate with the DVR.

This is a large code upgrade that touches a lot of different parts of the app. From a user perspective, nothing has changed and everything should work exactly the same as before. If you notice any weirdness, please let us know.

Once this is stable, it is going to allow us to continue the performance work started in DVR: Performance improvements (v2021.05.13.0008) to speed up the android app.


Will this get rid of my random playback hangs?

The UI is a little confusing regarding pre-release updates - I clicked on "check for pre-release updates" and it went ahead and upgraded me to a beta version dated today (5/20/2021). I really wanted to just check to see what was available - I guess I'm beta testing now...

Unlikely. These improvements are for things like initial app launch, guide loading, and general navigation, I believe.