Android Beta Update: Favorite and Hidden channels are now manually synchronized

We have just released a new Android beta v6.29.1956 that changes server synchronization of favorites and hidden to a manual process. There is now an Import and Export button for each HDHomeRun and TV Everywhere source that can be used to pull and push the remote favorites and hidden channel settings.

This change is part of the work that we are undertaking to unify the behaviors between the Android and Apple apps. We plan on bringing back server synchronization in the future in a more flexibly way and this is a stepping stone for us to achieve that.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or issues with how this works.


Hey @eric. So far so good with this version. Worked as expected except for one small item. I have 4 HDHR boxes, but only three configured on the Channels server. The ability to sync the un-managed HDHR was an available option. It's not hooked up to a guide source so I'm not sure what would have happened if I had synced it.

I've released beta build v6.30.1911 that does an initial import of favorites and hidden channels from TV Everywhere channels on the DVR.

New user only a couple weeks into this and just want to make sure I understand Import/Export as the statement that pops up when I click on either is confusing. Normally, for example in Chrome, if I go to "Import" it means I'll be downloading/importing the favorites into the browser. The message when I click Import in my Nvidia shield or Firestick App reads "Favorites and Hidden channels on this device will be copied into Channels".

  1. Does that mean if I'm say Firestick 1, "Import" will upload the favorites/hidden channels from it to the Channel DVR Server?

  2. Same for "Export", it reads as if I would be downloading the Favorites/Hidden from the DVR Server instead of exporting to it.

  3. What's the recommended process to easily set Favorites/Hidden once and copy to all Android devices using the Beta?

Thank you so much!

I mentioned this same wording...the description is backwards.

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Perhaps a "Push/Pull" syntax? Push to send from client to server, Pull to receive from server and overwrite client.

I saw that and am still trying to figure out how exactly this works. I've tried multiple methods and devices but am not sure what exactly is happening. With 3 Nvidia Shield's and 5 Firesticks, having this all sync up is a must. Right now it appears I have to go to every device and manually choose favorites and hidden and then arrange/set order of the Favorites.

Or, set it all how you'd like it on the DVR server. Then, Force Stop each instance of Channels on your client devices, and clear their Data and Cache. That way, the next time you start the app it will be like it's running for the first time, and will pull the favorite and disabled channels from the server. (You will still need to manually reorder the favorites, but you won't have to change any channel's status manually in the clients.)

Yeah I've already arranged them in the order I want on a couple devices so now I might as well move forward as is. This has to be something all users would want to work better, especially the organizing part. Ugh.
Thanks for the advice!

That's why it's a beta feature. The dev's know there is a need for this, that the current implementation is lacking, and they are working on a way to unify the situation across all clients and the DVR.

Beta software releases most-often contain non-production quality features that may work erratically.

for me, set in server, go to client, use the Import button. it usually works, but sometimes does not. It worked fine on 2 of my 3 clients...after I lost Xfinity TVE, had to go in and enable Philo for all the channels I wanted, then later re-added Xfinity TVE and edited that fav list. The import worked to update the client app. But, i still miss how it used to automatically match the sever, only needing to be force closed and re-open on the client and it matched.

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Improvements have been made in the latest beta/alpha builds to the wording and flow for the manual sync.

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Is this feature working as expected in the latest beta/alpha? Or are there still bugs/wording issues?