Android Beta Update: Favorite and Hidden channels are now manually synchronized

We have just released a new Android beta v6.29.1956 that changes server synchronization of favorites and hidden to a manual process. There is now an Import and Export button for each HDHomeRun and TV Everywhere source that can be used to pull and push the remote favorites and hidden channel settings.

This change is part of the work that we are undertaking to unify the behaviors between the Android and Apple apps. We plan on bringing back server synchronization in the future in a more flexibly way and this is a stepping stone for us to achieve that.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or issues with how this works.


Hey @eric. So far so good with this version. Worked as expected except for one small item. I have 4 HDHR boxes, but only three configured on the Channels server. The ability to sync the un-managed HDHR was an available option. It's not hooked up to a guide source so I'm not sure what would have happened if I had synced it.

I've released beta build v6.30.1911 that does an initial import of favorites and hidden channels from TV Everywhere channels on the DVR.