Android (CCwGTV) - Beta update install fail

Couple of issues:

Virtual channels - works on android phone - get error (playback failed) on CCwGTV

Am trying to update CCwGTV (ChannelsDVR Beta) - stages app, asks for install, tries to install get message "App not installed" Update Error end of stream on

Have you enabled developer mode and allowed Channels to install apps? On that device you cannot grant an app permissions to install sideloaded/downloaded software without first enabling developer mode.

Yes - I actually have two installs. One is beta (running Carbon) and the other is standard. I was trying to update the beta version but it won't update. That said, I just fired up the "standard" install and virtual channels actually work on it. I'll have to dig in to figure out why.

Keep in mind that the carbon theme is home put together and not officially supported by the devs. If you want to update that one you'll need to check it's thread for updates.

About the java Amazon error, I've seen it plenty of times. I don't know what it is. 99 times of 100 it doesn't happen. If a dev wants to look into it, on an uptodate beta client (any version, purple or carbon), just keep spamming the update button and it will eventually happen.

I remembered I had a SS of the error.