Android client - guide refresh

I had some problems with my cablecard so lost all channels. Got it back up and running but Android client (TS4K) only has channel listings on guide. DVR guide is fine (I can see all listing via chrome browser) but the Android client is not updating. Is there a way to force the Android TV client to update its guide?

Force Close the Channels DVR app on your client and clear the data.

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I force close to reset Metadata changes made on server. For some reason I can prune recordings but doesn’t reflect client.

I noticed one of my TS4k was updated and the other was not. Didn’t see option in info to update. So I went to play store and “ update “ from there.

Little bit different than what you are asking. But definitely needs an option from sever setting screen to force client update.

To close the loop - it eventually refreshed.