Android client guide shows are often many hours off

When you scroll forward in the guide shows will often display a completely wrong time, hours earlier than they're supposed to be. They're scheduled correctly in the DVR but the client guide UI is often out of whack.

An example today is the Packers at Cowboys game on the E+ TV channels - The guide shows that the game starts at 12 but it's obviously at 4:30 ET and when you click on it it shows that it's 4:30. These pics are from channels DVR on my Android 13 phone.

It's even worse on Android TV (Shield Pro in my case).

Same for me on Android TV/Google TV (Shiled 2017 and 2019 as well as a couple of Sony Google TV's) in the UK (amongst other issues)

Scrolling through the guide causes the times to be wrong and more often than not, scrolling too quickly means blank spaces in the EPG.

Am I missing something or is this the ONLY way to get a few days ahead? Why is there no ability to select a different day. Then the long wait while the guide scrolls all the way back to the current day. Very strange.

The workaround for me is to look ahead on the server, the web interface is clunky, but that's how I need to do it if I want to schedule a recording several days out.

Yep, that's what I do usually.

Complete nuisance though it has to be said.

Plex DVR isn't any better. But I've already had the lifetime pass for some years so it's bought and paid for and although the DVR on Plex is far from perfect (and this is what led me to Channels), it is unfortunate that with all it's bugs and quirks on Android TV I've reached the conclusion that Channels is not the answer.

I have everything I need to experiment a bit more - a NUC running Proxmox, a Synology NAS and of course the HD Homerun, so going forward I'd rather not shell out for something that just doesn't work properly. I'm thinking of firing up the old TVHeadend again as I look to move to Jellyfin. I'm sure that's not without its issues, but again, keeping paying for the something else with bugs just isn't on my radar going forward.

There seems to be little or no effort put into making the guide work like it supposed to, the Apple TV guide has wonkiness as well and I just don't think they care about it because these issues have been raised multiple times and nothing has happened.

All I really want is for this issue to be fixed and for skip forward/back a day buttons to be added. I don't think it's that much to ask for but given the complete crickets here I just don't think they care.

Wow, that surprises me. I accepted my role as the red-headed Android stepchild and assumed stuff like this worked fine on APPLE devices and would eventually trickle down to my lowly Android devices.