Android/Fire TV 3.0 Library / Airing Order

I did not try the beta so am seeing 3.0 for the first time, and I have a question:

Via the web UI, I've configured news/talk and entertainment shows differently: Up Next offers the newest of each news/talk show, but the oldest unwatched of each entertainment show.

In the new Android/Fire TV 3.0 client's Settings, under Library / Airing Order, if I toggle the selection between "Newest first" and "Oldest first", will that wipe out my global settings on that client? Or does it just apply to new passes setup from the client? Or something else?

It does not affect the server at all. Just the order in which episodes are displayed when you click into a show.

Ah. Thanks. So it doesn't affect Up Next at all then, just the list of "More Episodes". Sorry, I totally misunderstood the purpose of that setting. Which is on me, because after all it doesn't say "Up Next" there.